Cybersecurity and Your Business – How to Make the Right Choice

Nowadays, the issue of proper cybersecurity has become increasingly relevant. The number of cyberattacks rises every year and it’s getting pretty hard for businesses, even as big as Microsoft, to protect the data from being attacked by a virus. Therefore, business cybersecurity is a must.

Many countries throughout the world try to protect citizens and their privacy by creating cyberpolice. However, even with all a high-profile protection, there have recently been outrageous attacks not only on businesses, but on government institutions as well.

So how can you protect your business from being attacked by a virus? What can help you save your data from being hacked?

Below, find great cybersecurity tips and some tools that ensure the safety of your business.

Educate your employees

This might seem as the least important thing to do, but it actually is the first step you should take, if you want to prevent possible data loss.

How your employees understand cybersecurity and how they surf through cyberspace in search of information is crucial for their safety and safety of your business. So you need to educate and warn them about the dangers hiding in cyberspace.

Hold a cybersafety meeting every month to remind them about the importance of cybersecurity. Warn them not to share information with dangerous and unprotected websites. The more you talk about cybersecurity with your employees, the faster they realize its importance!

Buy reliable office hardware

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. When it comes to protecting your data, there’s no need to be stingy.

When thinking about buying office hardware, consider those brand names, which have proved to be secure over long period of time.

“Security-aimed device management should be the major concern, when it comes to protecting your data”, says Christoph Schell, president of HP Inc.

So before anything happens your data, think about good hardware equipment for your office.

Don’t forget to update software

This tip is a reminder for you to keep your software up-to-date. Many cyber attacks are successful because of an outdated operating system or a program on your computer.

This includes keeping your antivirus updated. And if you’re using corporate emails or any corporate application on your phone, think about downloading antivirus for your phone as well. Many people don’t think that their phones can be hacked. But not knowing about the problem doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Encrypt the data to protect you from theft

This tip is all about financial security. If your business involves online payment operation, you need to think about protecting you and your customers from thefts during online payment transactions.

Encrypting basically means encoding the data and creating a special access key. Only those people, who have this key can access the data. Nowadays encryption is one of the most popular ways to protect the data. Take advantage of it!

Backup your data

Having copies of necessary information is very important. For example, cybersecurity experts warn that careless treatment of important data is very dangerous, and making back-up copies is necessary in order to reduce such risks. To prevent it, you can use a tool like Tripwire.

Remember that creating backup copies of important data is very important and will come in handy in case if your company computers are attacked unexpectedly. You can keep critical data copies on cloud storages and UCB devices as well.

Now when you’ve explored all these tips, here are some really useful tools that will definitely help you protect your data from dangers of cyberspace!

Create strong passwords

A password is the first tool that is responsible for security of your data. You can use such resources as to create strong and secure passwords for all your security needs.

Remote management and monitoring

Working day has ended but you still need to work from home using company data? Or maybe you’re on a business trip and need access to company documents online? Tools like ESET and Comodo operate worldwide and provide online security services of all types. Besides, services they offer are affordable, and that’s definitely an advantage!

Secure your smartphone

Remember that a virus can access your phone easily, if you don’t protect it. For example, you can use a tool like Lookout that offers protection for your phone and tablet. Its mission is to anticipate and prevent possible virus attacks and any other threats including data leakage or malware.

Secure the browser

Nowadays HTTPS extensions for many browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Opera offer encryption of communication while you’re browsing through the Internet. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure system is targeted at preventing data and information leakage.

It ensures protection when you log into your online accounts or when you’re shopping online. This is a perfect protection of your privacy.

Training for your employees

Remember the tip about educating your employees about cybersecurity? If you have no time to arrange monthly meetings on online security, there are such tools as Social-Engineer that allow your employees to receive cybersecurity training and pass tests. You can make it an obligatory program all employees will have to pass during their training period.

Low-cost solutions

If you’re a startupper and have a limited budget to buy expensive tools to protect corporate data, such tools as Symantec or StaySafeOnline will help you stay secure, offering you low-cost service and high protection.

With the help of these tools, you will learn how to detect and monitor threats, ensure cybersecurity and train their employees. They also offer protecting hardware equipment, prevent information leaks and provide a cybersecurity plan for your business.

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