To Russia With Love: Webinar With Dr. Robert Gates

As the Russian proverb goes, “flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies.” Thirty years after the Cold War ended, the contentious relationship between Russia and the U.S. continues to be a top foreign relations issue.

It is well-documented that the U.S. government intelligence community believes the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential elections. Prior to the election, candidate Trump heaped praises upon Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Russian leader returned the favor. Now, President Trump has stated emphatically that he asked Putin directly whether his country attempted to undermine our election process, to which Putin responded, “No.” And so it goes on.

To provide business leaders with insight into the security issues and business considerations of key geographies, Cylance®, in partnership with CSO Media, is hosting a series of webinars with renowned security experts.

For the second webinar in this three-webinar series, we asked Dr. Robert Gates to speak on the topic of Russia. Dr. Gates served as both a U.S. Secretary of Defense and a CIA Director, influencing U.S. intelligence and defense policies over the past four and a half decades.

During this webinar, Dr. Gates provides us with some very candid insights into the history of U.S. and Russian relations, Putin’s goals and motivations, what our government should be doing now, and considerations for companies seeking to do business in the region.

According to Dr. Gates, problems confronting the world today are more complicated than at any time since World War II. “Putin is seeking to weaken Western institutions, faith in the West, and the honest outcome of our elections,” he asserts.

Instead of working to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, our Congress should be focused on preventing Russia from meddling in future elections, for the sake (Read more...)

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