Social Networks and Operational Security

Are your executives (or employees) on social networks? Should you care? Is your socially active executive sharing too much information (TMI)?

Social networks are how the billions of us who share this planet have evolved to socialize, both personally, as well as professionally. Among those billions of individuals are many of your employees, your executives, your board members, and, perhaps, even yourself.

Intuitively, we all understand that the use of these free social networks isn’t actually “free” to you. Yes, they are free to use, however, the real price of admission is the data you provide via your participation in those social networks. The data you provide will be used and shared as detailed in the terms of service and privacy statements of each social network (that no one actually reads… we know).

Clearly, many view this price as an acceptable risk, as the community and outreach those networks provide can seem, and often truly can be, invaluable.

Arguably one of the most successful social networks used by both individuals and businesses, Facebook, averages almost two billion active monthly users, of which less than 15 percent are from the U.S. and Canada. While the social network designed for professional engagement, LinkedIn, averages a more modest 106 million active monthly users.

What we share online varies from individual to individual, family to family and company to company.

Why Does What We Share on Social Media Actually Matter in the Grand Scheme of Things?

The scandal sheets are full of salacious pieces describing the latest escapades of the world’s politicians and celebrities (and occasionally our neighbors), as all go about posting their selfies, locations, gossip, and everything else in life.

That content may be appropriate or inappropriate, but those postings exist and will continue to do so. We also know – (Read more...)

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Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess

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