Data Security offerings at Protect 2017

We’re very excited to be ramping up for our Protect 2017 event, taking place September 11-13 in Washington, D.C. Join our track sessions and Cyber Security Hall demonstrations to learn how we help neutralize breach impacts by securing sensitive data-at-rest, in-motion and in-use.

Protect your Data

See how are solutions provide advanced encryption, tokenization and key management that enable data privacy and protect sensitive data across enterprise applications, data processing IT, cloud, payments ecosystems, mission critical transactions, storage and big data platforms. Cyber Security Hall demos will feature our latest advanced solutions for big data / Apache Hadoop and IoT; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance; cloud and payments environments and our new Hardware Security Module (HSM) and FIPS-validated federal offerings.  

Data Security sessions
We have 13 Data Security-focused sessions, a majority of those featuring customers and partners sharing their experiences. View the entire content catalog here to browse all sessions offered onsite. Here are the Data Security sessions that may interest you.

A tale from the trenches: Implementing data-centric security
T37788 – Technical
Dave Mulligan. HPE Security – Data Security; and Kevin Hamilton, First Data
We all know how critical it is to protect financial transaction data due to the growing frequency of data breaches and increased sophistication of cyber-attacks. As the processor of over 2,500 transactions per second around the world, including nearly half of all U.S. payment transactions, First Data Corporation had a compelling reason to protect its data! Come and hear lessons learned during the first two years of this process.

Customer Panel: Driving business success by unlocking the power of sensitive data
B38158 – Business (Track Keynote)
Mark Bower, HPE Security – Data Security; Roni Schuling Principal Financial Group; Tony Augruso, Royal Bank of Canada: Sudharma Thikkavarapu, T-Mobile
AI, robotics, sensors and agnostic computing… data is at the center of them all. Today’s leaders are big data-driven businesses, informed by real-time insights. Data and apps are already living on a variety of platforms over which you have little control. In parallel, the most stringent data privacy regulation yet—the GDPR—is taking effect and may appear almost in direct opposition to business agility. Join this panel discussion with peers who are driving high-value business outcomes through data de-identification.

Data-centric protection and organizational change – enabling data governance
T38054 – Technical
Roni Schuling, Principal Financial Group
Organizations across every industry are building data reservoirs to provide the analytic insights required to compete. In this session, Roni Schuling shares her experience enabling enterprise data governance for data-centric protection at Principal Financial Group, describing its initial implementation with Apache Hadoop for the marketing function. Join Roni to learn new ways of accelerating how to protect your organization from breaches.

Using encryption to protect public cloud and big data
T37771 – Technical
Jabez Abraham. Asurion
This session includes how sensitive data such as PHI and PII can be handled in the cloud. The discussion will cover how to implement encryption on public cloud infrastructures and have the confidence of meeting contractual obligations without breaking the bank. Also, some gotchas to be aware of, such as performance, audit and scope creep in the new world and what the exception process looks like. Join this session to learn more!

Securing your enterprise SAP systems through SecureData
T37883 – Technical
Jarrod Fields, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Eric Mazurak, Deloitte & Touche LLP
In this session, Deloitte presents the case for data encryption within your enterprise’s SAP systems through SecureData, gives a live demo of solutions in action, and guides the audience through the key drivers and challenges in securing data within SAP & Presents industry-specific use cases for data encryption within SAP.

Don’t leave your keys lying around, someone will steal them!
T37812 – Technical
Reiner Kappenberger, HPE Security – Data Security; Jay Irwin, Teradata
This presentation will explain how Stateless Key Management mitigates the risk of successful attacks against encrypted high-value, sensitive or regulated data, yet enables analytics and movement of it around the enterprise network without fear of re-identification.

How do I make my omni-channel business PCI compliant?
T37855 – Technical
Smrithi Konanur, HPE Security – Data Security; Dan Fritsche, Coalfire
Are you experiencing an explosion of e-commerce transactions and you’re challenged to remain PCI-compliant and safe from a data breach, but you also want to provide an amazing consumer experience? In this session, we delve into the ways you can mitigate risk associated with a data breach. This includes potentially reducing PCI audit costs with data-centric payment security solutions across different e-commerce channels such as web, mobile and voice-activated systems.

Securely ingesting Big Data with Kylo and NiPi
T37854 – Technical
Jamie Morgan, HPE Security – Data Security; HPE Christopher McVey, Teradata
Key challenges to ingesting data into the data lake are security, speed and reliability, where edge nodes have been the bottleneck. We will explore how Kylo and NiFi enable you to build high-performance, robust solutions for cleansing and protecting data as it is ingested. In this session we will cover enterprise data protection strategies for Big Data, the benefits of NiFi compared to frameworks like Apache Spark, Storm and Kafka and the power of flow-based programming for performance and reliability. Gain a better understanding of how Kylo and NiFi are great complements to the data lake to help add new data sources rapidly.

Data futures: Quantum and homomorphic cryptography, blockchain and what’s next
B37813 – Business
Terence Spies, HPE Security – Data Security
The value of data is in constant flux due to aggregation, correlation and usage. Hear how new cryptographic models including quantum cryptography, homomorphic cryptography and blockchain protect both the current and future value of data, allowing business professionals to create, use and dispose of data with the confidence that it will be protected over time.

GDPR panel: The opportunity within the challenge
B37860 – Business
Mark Bower, HPE Security – Data Security; Joe Garber, HPE IM&G; David Kemp, HPE; Tim Grieveson, HPE
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a quickly emerging challenge for any organization that collects EU citizen data from anywhere in the world. Learn how to protect sensitive data, mitigate data breach risk and empower your organization’s digital business transformation by adopting technologies such as cloud, Apache Hadoop and information governance solutions, while also complying with this important regulation.

Innovation roadmap: Discover what’s next for our data security solutions
T38145 – Technical
Reiner Kappenberger, HPE Security – Data Security
Please join Reiner Kappenberger, Head of Global Product Management for our Data Security group, to learn about the latest innovations to the data security product line. Understand how we can help meet your data-centric security needs for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and PCI compliance; big data, IoT, hybrid cloud, mobile and omni-channel payments adoption; data-centric audit and protection; and more.

Mapping SecureData to GDPR requirements: Best-practices on practical use cases
T37811 – Technical
Mark Bower, HPE Security – Data Security
This session will take a practical view to illustrate how SecureData maps specifically to GDPR requirements. We’ll walk through practical customer use cases involving EU data in a large enterprise, with Big Data and hybrid enterprise IT examples. Attendees can learn how our advanced FPE technology solves complex regulatory issues quickly, while also enabling data-driven organizations to increase the use of data for decisions, even under aggressive regulatory controls.

Protecting high-value government data, neutralizing breaches and insider threats
T38103 – Technical
Terence Spies, HPE Security – Data Security
Government agencies are increasingly challenged to protect their most valuable data. Recent NIST security recommendations with FIPS validation make ground-breaking Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) technology in SecureData available to ‘de-identify’ sensitive data, rendering it useless to attackers, while maintaining usability and referential integrity for business processes and applications. FPE protects decades-old legacy systems and modern, advanced IT infrastructures alike with an innovative, data-centric approach to security that performs and scales for today’s demanding environments.

Security at the speed of your business
Whether you are migrating to hybrid IT, scaling out your Big Data and IoT infrastructure, or building compliance programs for the GDPR or PCI, protecting your most sensitive data is key. Join us at Protect to learn how customers are using data-centric security to not only to protect, but also monetize their sensitive data. Adopt innovation at the speed of business and unlock the power of sensitive data with next-generation data-centric security. And we’ll see you in DC!

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