GDPR – Avoiding False Promises

It is interesting how many companies offer privacy services since the EU announced GDPR and the number is still growing. Almost every company today has a GDPR practice or at least is offering GDPR services. The question shall be asked, whether they are up to the task. I would expect – as companies will get more and more desperate with May 2018 approaching, that more and more services to higher prices will show up on the market.

To me GDPR is an interesting topic as I think that GDPR (and the corresponding proposed fines) leads a lot of companies towards good and sound data governance – something they should have done since a long time.

In this context I read a really interesting article this morning called GDPR: how to avoid the data protection cowboys – really a good read. If you are running a GDPR program, ask yourself whether your internal as well as external members of the team are up to the task.

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