InfoSec Isn’t a Job, It’s a Lifestyle

The dynamic paradigm shift and intellectual arms race between cybersecurity and cybercrime is not a new war, nor is it one that shows any signs of abating despite constant innovations in computer defenses, the education of users, and increasingly stricter guidelines for programming practices.

What was once a secretive black art, hacking – and all its related “white hat” art forms, including pen testing and cybersecurity – has become a cornerstone of our everyday life. Whether we’re talking about the people who develop the artificial intelligence (AI) that powers self-navigating devices, the manipulation of something to make it do things that it was not intended to do, an alarming evening news headline, or the main plot twist in a Hollywood movie, it’s official: hacking is now firmly embedded in popular consciousness and culture.

We are living in a time where infosec has become not only a job, but a lifestyle. It’s an entirely new take on how life can be interpreted. This technological art, once only thought of as being practiced in the dank basement dwellings of lone outsiders, is now widely popularized by news outlets, prime time media in shows such as Mr. Robot, tech industry magazines, and real-time streaming shows.

When Hacking Goes Mainstream

The Information Security (InfoSec) community as a whole has also adapted and shifted with the times. Long gone are the days where hacking techniques were only taught by shady individuals via secret websites or underground chat networks. Nowadays, people are openly sharing ideas, training tips, techniques, and code on social media and public code repositories.

With all these drastic changes, we are seeing a huge influx of individuals who want to be part of this ‘hacker’ community, whether they enjoy playing with technology as a passion project, or they aspire to be a (Read more...)

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