Did you pre-order a Plastc? You might be able to recover your money!

/lalala, by striatic

Anyone who participates in a pre-order situation like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo is playing a little bit of a game of chance with their money. The most recent example is from a company called Plastc, which I have written about here in this blog before. Unfortunately, it appears they have run out of money and vanished with $9M of pre-orders and no product to deliver.

Depending on how you paid for this order, you may be able to recover the $135 to $155 you put in as a deposit. Companies like American Express stand behind their consumers and I know of one person who was able to get his deposit back. Other companies may have different policies.

Regardless, I hope that technologies like this make their way into peoples’ wallets without interference by established businesses in the space (such as the payment brands).

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