Cybersecurity Conference Listings 2017: Our New Home!

What’s this post about?

We’ve moved our popular Cybersecurity Conferences Directory to its’ own specific domain! InfoSec Conferences – New Home!

To visit our new Cybersecurity Conference directory please click here.

A bit of background

Back in 2012 we launched a Cybersecurity Conference Directory which we thought would get a little bit of traffic – little did we know that it was to become the web’s #1 ‘go-to’ resource for Cybersecurity Events around the world!

So, what gives? Why move your cyber listings directory?

We just felt that it had outgrown its’ original home – and the name of our domain and brand was somewhat confusing. Having a new and specific domain we just feel that we can rapidly grow our resource and offer you, our community with timely offers and news on all InfoSec Events happening around the world.

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