The Economic Benefits of Emerging Technologies

The following address was given by Cylance Chief Security & Trust Officer Malcolm Harkins to the United States Senate in March 2017. We believe it’s important enough to share with the public and start a dialogue so that we can band together to find the solutions we so clearly need in order to secure our vastly-changing future.

The march of technology can be viewed as a succession of major waves, each lasting roughly 100 years (Rifkin 2013). Each wave has brought transformative benefits to society, but also significant challenges.

The first wave, starting in the 1760s, included steam power, railways, and early factories, as well as mass education and printing.

The second wave, starting roughly in the 1860s and continuing well past the mid-1900s, included automobiles, electricity, mass production, and had an even bigger effect on society.

Version 1.0: 1760s                  Version 2.0: 1860s                  Version 3.0: 1990s

Steam and coal                          Electric lights                             The Internet

Railways                                     Communications                       Molecular biology

Factories                                     Oil & gas                                      Renewable energy

Printing press                            Mass production                       “Smart” everything

Mass education               (Read more...)

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