Art Coviello: Thinking Security in the Era of Machine Learning

We’ve hit an inflection point where data, storage, and computing power can finally take full advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

About a half dozen years ago, Art Coviello, then the Executive Chairman of RSA, spoke at the RSA Conference for a need for “thinking security.” Alan Turing and “Thinking Machines” were the subject of the conference that year. Fast forward to today and machine learning and artificial intelligence were the most frequently discussed topics at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve started to make remarkable progress,” says Coviello, who is now a venture partner with Rally Ventures. “Because at some point, the attackers are going to do something anomalous. And if we have enough data, and we can process it fast enough, then we can spot that signal in the noise that an attack is underway. And not only detect it, but stop it cold.”

Watch the full video of Coviello’s interview with Cylance here:

VIDEO: Art Coviello Interviewed at RSA 2017

Six years later, Coviello’s predictions have come true. We now have the processing power we need to take advantage of the sheer volume of data currently available to be able to catch these anomalous moments.

Coviello goes on: “What we’re doing with companies like Cylance is far more sophisticated than the algorithms used to spot fraud in banking transactions. It’s basically the next generation capability of what banks have been doing for a number of years. This is just the beginning of a new wave of technology, and a new way of doing security. It will finally give us the opportunity to get ahead – and stay ahead – of our adversaries.”


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