February 2017 WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes Vulnerabilities Roundup

In this second monthly roundup of WordPress core, plugins and themes reported vulnerabilities for 2017 we had just a few vulnerabilities. Are things getting better? I’d like to hope so but it seems it is not the case. Just read the developer’s response to the security issue that was reported in his premium WordPress theme Javo Spot!

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Overview of WordPress Vulnerabilities in February 2017

February 2017 was a very quiet month when compared to January 2017. We only have 15 WordPress plugins vulnerabilities and one premium WordPress theme vulnerability. You should definitely check out the theme developer’s response when the security issue was brought to his attention. Classic!

Below is the complete list of all the WordPress plugins and theme vulnerabilities reported in February 2017:

WordPress Plugins Vulnerabilities

WordPress Themes Vulnerabilities

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