2017 SFISSA Security Conference Report

This past Friday, the South Florida ISSA Chapter held its 2017 Security Conference.  The chapter holds these every 2 years, and this year’s event was our more successful one to date.

We had 4 tracks of talks, include a track of workshops (twice the length of a regular presentation), a breakfast and lunch keynote, and a CISO Panel of 4 local CISOs.

Our registration and attendance numbers broke previous conferences.  We will have to think of how to handle things next time (2019).  Do we increase our target number, and set a hard limit on registration?  We’re not sure.

You can see pics online at our Facebook Page, and hopefully soon on our website.  This year our general theme was the “Future of Cybersecurity” and we went with a retro robot “The Internet has a Posse” graphic theme.  Our badge was a change from last year, and I think very nice.  We hopefully will be going with this style of badge in the future, tho with a different theme artwork.  (Pics coming soon).

As in the last 3-4 conferences, we held it at the Signature Grand here in Davie.  Not sure if we’ll use that site next time, but we want a central location for the conference.

If you’re local to the South Florida area, please join the chapter and get involved.  Our next event is our 2017 Hack the Flag & Chili Cookoff.  Registration is already open and tickets are going daily.

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