January 2017 WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes Vulnerabilities Roundup

In this first monthly roundup of WordPress core, plugins and themes reported vulnerabilities for 2017 we had a good number of WordPress plugins  and vulnerabilities reported. This vulnerabilities and security issues roundup is made possible through WP Security Bloggers, an aggregate of popular WordPress security blogs and websites that publish WordPress security news and updates. Subscribe to the WP Security Bloggers newsletter to keep yourself up to date with what is happening in the world of WordPress security.

Overview of WordPress Vulnerabilities in January 2017

In January 33 WordPress plugin vulnerabilities were reported, and 12 in WordPress core. Since we have been keeping a record of reported vulnerabilities, this has been the busiest month for WordPress core vulnerability. All these vulnerabilities are all a good sign, that WordPress is simply becoming a more secure software, as explained in Crunching the numbers, how secure WordPress is?

Below is the complete list of all the WordPress plugins and themes vulnerabilities reported in January 2017:

WordPress Plugins Vulnerabilities

WordPress Core Vulnerabilities

You can read the release notes of WordPress 4.7.1 for more information on the above mentioned WordPress core vulnerabilities that are not linked.

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