Healthcare: Privacy and Security Above All

It’s hard to argue that any industry is more susceptible or more vulnerable to loss of customer data than the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations are trusted with our personal data and medical records, and the loss of even one patient’s data can profoundly affect an individual, family, or even you. The damage done by a security breach and loss of ePHI can not only impact an organization financially, but can also severely comprise the organization’s reputation, as well as customer trust. Furthermore, the inherent expectation is that it is not only the organization’s duty to keep our data safe, but that it is its utmost responsibility.

While the problem is clearly in the sights of security professionals in the industry, there are also established standards and guidelines that organizations need to follow to address the security and privacy of customer and patient data. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) both aim to create frameworks for securing such data, and to hold organizations accountable for any private information they possess.

With the threat clearly established, and the requirements in place, the remaining challenge that falls on healthcare organizations is how to sufficiently meet these requirements by implementing controls, and putting in place advanced technologies to protect their data. At Invincea, we work with many customers in the healthcare industry to understand the challenges within this space and help them to achieve these goals. As an industry leader in endpoint protection, Invincea deploys a combination of advanced behavioral technology, deep learning signature-less malware detection, and isolation technology.

We are very happy to announce that Coalfire, a leading independent HIPAA assessment agency, has produced a report recommending Invincea as a platform to achieve both HIPAA and HITRUST compliance requirements. X By Invincea sufficiently addressed nine separate HIPAA requirements, unprecedented in the next-gen endpoint protection industry.

As we further advance and improve our endpoint technology, Invincea maintains a commitment to working with the healthcare industry protecting customer data and privacy above all.

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