Commercial Registry Scams

A friend drew my attention to a scam letter received apparently requiring them to complete a form recording their company details for a Register on behalf of Companies House. That led me to an article describing what is claimed to be something very similar: Commercial Register scam on Small Businesses demanding €993. According to the article:

  • the initial letter looks official and as if it was from Companies House
  • most people can’t recall seeing any terms and conditions or mention of a payment
  • some people have alleged that their signatures have been scanned and then printed on a different contact

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy and detail of that report, it’s certainly the case that Registry Scams are specifically noted in an article on reporting scams to Companies House: Guidance – Reporting fraud to Companies House.

See also this article showing an example of a similar letter – England Commercial Register Scam – and a Farmer’s Guardian article Farmers warned over scam letter.

David Harley


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