Emsisoft Anti-Malware achieves high detection in VB100 test

Virus Bulletin has released the most recent test results of their comparative review. We are delighted to announce that Emsisoft Anti-Malware version 11 can add another VB100 award to Emsisoft’s long list of industry awards, this time for our performance on Windows 7 Professional. All performance tests were run on Windows 7 PRO x64.

Virus Bulletin testers specifically highlighted that “Emsisoft can boast a full house of VB100 passes in our recent Windows tests, and this month it produced some more good detection levels with low resource use”. Emsisoft also reported no false positives.

Though awards reflect our position in the industry, the best outcome for us here at Emsisoft is that the results mean very simply that user data is protected without causing the user any inconvenience.

About Virus Bulletin
Virus Bulletin is a neutral authority that conducts some of the most respected tests in the antivirus industry. It gives a good overview of how antivirus products perform over time and different operating systems such as Windows 10. Compare our results with competing software providers and see our last 10 performance test results, or read the full report (English).

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