EMEA Organizations Must Rise to the Challenge of Stopping Advanced Threats

Since 2010, Mandiant, a FireEye company, has presented trends,
statistics and case studies of cyber attacks involving advanced threat
actors. As part of its many global investigations in 2015, Mandiant
responded to several breaches in Europe, Middle East and Africa
(EMEA). Throughout the year we collected statistics on the
investigations specific to the region and analysed the trends.

To share what we have been seeing throughout this past year, we
present “M-Trends – EMEA Edition 2016.” This report marks the start of
an annual M-Trends edition focused on EMEA. The report aims to empower
organisations and the security community, arm them with the knowledge
relating to the unique challenges facing the region, and assist in
improving security posture to combat advanced attacks.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Organizations in EMEA took three times longer to detect a
    The mean dwell time (time between compromise and
    detection) in the region was 469 days, versus a global average of
    146 days.
  • EMEA organizations
    cannot rely on local agencies to notify them of
    Of all observed compromises in EMEA, 12% of
    notifications came from an external source. Globally, external
    sources accounted for 53% of notifications. EMEA organizations
    discovered breaches internally 88% of the time, but EMEA average
    dwell time (469 days) suggests this often came too late
  • Many organisations
    in EMEA were re-compromised within months of an initial breach: 

    techniques to hunt for attacks within an environment often
    resulted in a failure to understand the true scope of the
    incident. Mandiant consultants found many EMEA organizations still
    opting for a traditional forensic methodology, only analysing a
    handful of machines, and subsequently increasing the risk of
    becoming re-compromised. 

The findings show that organisations in the EMEA region have a lot
of room to improve their incident detection and response capabilities. 

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EMEA Edition 2016
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