Check Point: Preparing an Unattended Firewall Install with a USB Drive

Are you interested in learning how to create a bootable USB drive for the unattended install and configuration of a Check Point compliance firewall? In this screencast, Hurricane Labs’ Adam Army will walk you through this method, including what is required and step-by-step instructions from a technical standpoint.

This method can be extremely helpful in remote contact situations. For instance, say you are the point of contact engineer for a customer and they need you to upgrade their firewall. Because you are remote and don’t want to travel the thousand miles (as is the case in this example) to do this on site, this installation and configuration will allow you to do so remotely. Basically, if you have a firewall that’s messed up and you happen to be far away this simplifies the upgrade process.

Watch Adam’s screencast below!

This is a Security Bloggers Network syndicated blog post authored by Adam Army. Read the original post at: Hurricane Labs