Privacy Awareness Week Day 3: What you can do to protect your privacy when using mobile phones

We have to remember that mobiles aren’t just phones anymore! They store a significant amount of data to make life easier for us, but we must ensure that we don’t make it an easy target for thieves or hackers! 
So…what can we do to protect our personal information on our ‘smart’ phones?
1 – Familiarise yourself with the settings of your phone, understand the key features and enable the security features including setting a password or PIN so that no one else can access your information if your phone is lost or stolen.
2 – Turn off the Bluetooth function when not in use so that your device is only visible when you specifically need other people or devices to see it.  This means that potential hackers cannot connect to it unless they already have your Bluetooth address.
3 – When connecting to the internet, try to use an encrypted network that requires a password.
4 – Check for updates regularly, install as soon as they become available as these often contain important changes that will make your phone more secure.
5 – Keep your phone safe and on your person at all times.
6 – Back up your data regularly.
According to the OAIC 62% of Australians have chosen to not use a mobile app due to privacy concerns.
What can we do to ensure we are kept safe when downloading and using apps?
1 – Download apps from reputable websites and mobile phone apps.
2 – Follow the set up properly and consider the need for an app to access your contacts list or location details.  If in doubt don’t use it!

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Yvonne Sears
Senior Security Specialist

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