2013 InfoSec Tweet Awards

It’s that time of year again… I bring you the second annual InfoSec Tweet Awards!  Okay, like last year there are no actual awards. These these are just some of the more entertaining or thought provoking tweets that I “favorited” throughout the year.  


Best Tweet Inspired By A Song

Best Tweet That Should be on a T-Shirt

Best Tweet About Hackers (Tie)

Best Tweet About Hacking

Best Tweet About Hacker Handles

Best Tweet About A Hacker Conference

Best Tweet About BackTrack

Best Tweet About Scanning

Best Tweet About Programming

Best Tweet About A Text Editor

Best Tweet About Java

Best Tweet About A Data Center

Best Tweet About Credit Cards

Best Advice To InfoSec Noobs

Best Tweet About “The Cavalry”

Best Tweet From “Outside The Bubble”

Best Twitter… um… –er

Last but not least we have the “award” for the person who posted the best overall tweets of the year.

And the winner is…. Info Security Jerk (@infosecjerk). Info Security Jerk says what we are all thinking. His tweets are consistently funny, all the more so because they are rooted in the day-to-day life of those who work in InfoSec. If you follow one new person this year it should be him. Below are three gems from 2013:

This concludes the 2013 Tweet Awards. Please feel free to share your favorite tweets in the comments below. I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

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