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Why Skeeter Spray?   Information Security issues, problems,  and /or incidents (whatever you call them in your company) can be like those pesky little bugs.   There are many ways to deal with them:

1.  You can fog the whole yard and know that you will kill some.   Just as you can send out mass user education and hope some of it sticks with some of the users.
2.  You can light up a cigar and use the smoke to keep them away and the heck with the 2nd hand smoke.  Much like you create a policy that addresses a problem without concern for how it affects other business processes.
3.  You can spray some deet-based repellent and effectively keep the mosquitoes from biting you; however you must re-apply in several hours.  You can create an effective information security policy; however you must review on a recurring basis to make sure it is still performing as intended and if necessary rework the policy and reapply it.
4.  You can do nothing and swat at each one.  In the security world you go from one problem to another and usually don’t end up fixing any of them…maybe (if you are lucky), you apply a band-aid.
5.  Or you can go in the house and ignore the mosquitoes.   Much in the same way you can ignore the security issue and hope it goes away.  Hint—unusually it doesn’t go away…it gets worse.

Take the time to teach someone something about securing their personnel information.

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