Security enhancement for iPhone = Find My iPhone

For those who have been pushing their company to adopt the iPhone as a business device, at least now you can present the security argument as a little stronger.


A few minutes ago, Apple unveiled at WWDC a remote wipe feature through its new ‘Find My iPhone” application.

In addition to allowing you to remotely erase your iPhone (something available on other devices for some time now), you can also view where your iPhone is on a map, make your iPhone beep so that you can locate it (even if it is in ‘silent mode’), AND display a message to the person who stole found your phone. Perhaps something like “I know you have my iPhone, I know where you’re at – I’m coming to get it”.

The catch? You must subscribe to Apple’s MobileMe service to have access to the ‘Find My iPhone” features. Still, for companies who have potentially sensitive data stored on their iPhone, this becomes a no-brainer.

Michael Mongold

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