Google Voice: Leave your privacy at the door.

Privacy Concerns and Google? You Don’t Say! Here is a link to an interesting post from Preston Gralla over at ComputerWorld regarding privacy concerns he sees with the new Google Voice service and I wholeheartedly agree. The service allows you to have one Google supplied phone number that can be linked to all of your existing phone numbers and gives you voice mail and those voice mails are transcribed to text and forwarded to your email to read. Very Cool! You just give out your Google phone number to people as your primary number and it will try to reach you on whatever other phone you have linked to it. For instance, say if you have an account on Verizon and one on AT&T and you are only going to use the Verizon phone today, Google Voice will try to contact you on both accounts without you having manually forward your AT&T account to the Verizon account for the time you are not going to be using the AT&T phone. This is a really cool feature but the real ugly part is what Google does with you voice mails and phone conversations which is basically the same thing they do if you have a Gmail account with them. They READ AND CATALOG EVERY WORD OF YOUR CONVERSATION AND VOICE MAILS FROM YOUR FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES. Uh, I am sorry but NO THANKS.

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