Random stuff on my to do list

SQL injection in web apps is sooooo old. It still exists everywhere and security companies are still making good moolah by capturing ‘crown jewels’ by exploiting this – However, I’m not sure that SQL injection testing for non web based applications/scenarios has caught on. Are they even worth trying ? For example: I’d really like to test the logic for the following (for starters) at some point in life :

1. Cell phones – IMEI registration. Attempt to SQL inject the backend during registration and/or normal communication – would that work ? Before I even say “Only one way to find out..” I should really read up on cell phones to test the theory..

2. Magstripes on cards – change data in the magstripe of ID cards , hotel access cards, credit cards, debit cards etc – to SQL inject the backend – Hmmm.. my name/cardnumber/PIN is now ‘ OR 1=1 — ?
Something like little bobby tables.

3. Checks – Change the account number on checks to SQL inject the backend. I’m almost certain this would fail because of the MICR E13b restrictions of characters.. ah well..

Ah well..I would need to get back into security consulting at some point if I want to test this out in a legal way..

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