I’ve been wasting a bunch of time on, a MTWWTOSNS (massively time-wasting web-two-oh social-networking site.) If you’d like to descend into madness with me, click here join join for my personal gain:
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Several interesting aspects to this one, for security people. First, the are many sociological aspects. For example, what happens if you tell people they can’t post naked pics? Second, there is a play money currency, which drives everyone’s behavior. Finally, they are getting phished left and right from within the site.

And the staff there appears to be so woefully unprepared to deal with it. When I saw the phishing, I thought I might mail their abuse contact info (only email address I found published), and see if they needed info, if I could put them in touch with a takedown group, etc. I got bounces from gmail. Um, your abuse email at your own domain depends on gmail?

The site is absolutely begging for someone to start using XSS. The game model they have basically demands it. For example, your popularity depends on profile views. And I can post a pretty wide range of HTML to someone in about 20 different ways. I haven’t tried to see if I can find any XSS. Mostly because I don’t trust myself not to abuse it.

But my favorite thing about MyYearbook that I just realized, while sitting in JFK coming back from HOPE. This site is teaching millions of people how to do simple HTML. And nearly half of these people are below average intelligence.

Edutainment, indeed.

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